Church Services August 2019

Sunday 4th August

11am Parish Communion


Sunday 11th August

8 after Trinity

11am Parish Communion


Sunday 18th August

9 after Trinity

11am Parish Communion


Sunday 25th August

10 after Trinity

11am Morning Worship


NB. No Morning Prayer or Mid-week Eucharist in August.


The Friends of St Augustine’s meet about six times a year to arranged fundraising events for St Augustine’s church. If you would like to be part of this group please contact

Revd Kate Currie



Letter from Sarah


As summer (hopefully) gets under way we can look forward with only a little optimism to warmer days ahead. Sunshine or rain, however, the trees are in leaf and the flowers in bloom. The promise of harvest grows in and walks around in the fields.

Summer is a time when the land and those who work on the land are working hard. It’s a time for others for holidays and trips- for visits to special places. Some places are special for simply personal reasons: the places where we have had our happiest times. Some places are special because lots of people share the view that they are beautiful or interesting or fun. Other places have another sort of specialness as well. One such place is Iona, which I visited for the first time a month ago. Many of you will be ahead of me here. Iona is an island near Mull off the West coast of Scotland. It’s a very beautiful place, but something more. Since St Columba came here from Ireland in 563 there have been Christians praying, often living in a monastery or other religious community on Iona, and after the ups and downs of many centuries, there still are. Iona is sometimes called a ‘thin place’, a place where earth and heaven are very close, where God can seem near. It is privilege to go to such places. But such places should, I think also prompt the thought: how can we build places that are a bit like that nearer home. One answer is by doing here the things that were and are done on Iona: by prayer, by worship and by hospitality.

With my prayers and best wishes for this summer


St. Augustine's  Church