Church Services

All public services of worship are suspended
until further notice


The Archbishops have called, along with other church leaders, that on this coming Sunday - Mothering Sunday 22nd March that there is to be a Day of Prayer and Action, lighting a candle & putting it in a window at 7pm. 


The Friends of St Augustine’s meet about six times a year to arranged fundraising events for St Augustine’s church. If you would like to be part of this group please contact

Revd Kate Currie



Rector’s Letter. March-April 2020

SarahFarrimondthumbDear Friends

I am writing to you to let you know how our churches are responding to the COVID19 or Coronavirus pandemic that is having such a devastating effect on people around the world. Advice is changing all the time and this is certainly not the last time that you will hear from me.

Firstly, following the advice of the Archbishops of York and Canterbury, public worship services at St Augustine’s will now cease until we are told it is safe to resume them. All Saints in Clayton West will remain open as it usually is and I would like to warmly encourage you to go into church from time to time and pray, as I know many of you do already. Over the next few weeks, after building work is completed, I also hope it will be possible to arrange for St Augustine’s to be open for specified hours as well, which will then be publicised.

A person, usually one of the clergy team, will be in church to offer worship at the times when services would usually take place. But this is not to be understood as a church service by another name. It is worship offered on behalf of the church, with others present in spirit and not in body. Please do consider praying at home at the same time.

I would also like to draw your attention to the following:

On all local BBC radio stations at 8am this Sunday 22nd March there will be a service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

The Archbishops have called for a day of prayer this Sunday, 22nd March. The suggestion is that at 7pm each household places a lighted candle in a window.

I will finish this letter with a few words from Justin Welby:

“In all of the current troubles, and they are very serious troubles, looking inwards will only reveal the limits of our own resources, and lead to deeper fear and selfishness. Acting in love found from God in Jesus Christ will do the exact reverse… As we share our consolation the mother love of God will enfold them. As we love the poor, go and give to a foodbank, call on someone who is isolated, do their shopping, pray with and for them from a distance, we will find that we are deeply consoled by our own gift of consolation."

Meanwhile, know that you are in my prayers. Please phone me any time: it’s a joy to hear your voices. God be with you. God bless you


With Much Love in Christ


St. Augustine's  Church