Church Services October 2019

Tues 1st October
9.15am Holy Communion

Sunday 6th October
Trinity 16
11am Parish Communion

Sunday 13th October
11am Parish Communion
12.30am Baptism

Tues 15th October
9.15 Holy Communion

Sunday 20th October
Trinity 18
11am Parish Communion

Sunday 27th October
Trinity 19
11am Memorial Service

Tues 29th October
9.15am Holy Communion

Thurs 3st October
2.15 & 2.45pm Aden House & Lodge.
Led by the Methodist Church


Dates for your diary

14th October
7.30 Messy Church Planning

21st October
7.30 Friends Meeting

26th October
10.30am Coffee Morning

9th November
10.30am - 2pm NOVEMBER FAIR


The Friends of St Augustine’s meet about six times a year to arranged fundraising events for St Augustine’s church. If you would like to be part of this group please contact

Revd Kate Currie



Letter from Sarah

SarahFarrimondthumbVarious things remind us that Autumn is just around the corner: the earlier evenings, the trees changing colour and shifts in the night sky, with the Pleiades now visible on a clear night. Change is in the air, but there is a constancy too- after all centuries ago people saw the Pleiades and knew that winter was on the way.

And in our church life too the season is changing too as what we call ‘ordinary time’ (when there is no particular Christian festival) comes to an end as we celebrate God’s gifts to us at Harvest. Our harvest festival is in church on October 13th this year. As well as singing rousing harvest hymns we will bring gifts: sharing what we have with others. That evening there will be a faith supper, when everyone is invited to come along and bring some food to share.

Giving thanks to God together and sharing are central to harvest celebrations. In lots of ways of course we have already started. The pet service wasn’t simply touching and enjoyable, it also drew our attention to God’s creation. The Scarecrow Festival was a harvest event. The seed of a good idea, lots of hard work and an event which brought people together in church and around the villages. Hospitality, sharing, community: all harvest values.

But the year moves onwards, the trees continue to change and Orion joins the Pleiades in the night sky. As October draws to a close the season of Remembrance is upon us. We have Remembrance Sunday when we remember those who have died and suffered in war. We have All Saints day, when we remember people who have been particularly important to the Christian faith. We have All Souls day, when we take some time to remember people we have personally loved and lost.

All of this is about looking back, reminding us where we have come from, whether as individuals, a local community, a country or as a church. In many ways this is a satisfying thing to do, but it can be difficult and painful too and raise questions for which there are no easy answers.

The services in church over the next two months provide opportunities for quiet reflection, to bring sadness as well as joy into church and point to the Christian hope that God in Christ understands what it is to suffer and is with us in our darkest days

With my love and prayers

Revd Sarah

St. Augustine's  Church